Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apps for Apes

A couple of weeks ago I saw this really funny article about apes using iPads. The article was about a type of ape called an Orangutan using iPads to keep their minds active. I thought this article was really funny and it made me realize that Orangutans are just like humans in a lot of ways. When the Orangutans were playing the iPad in the video attached to the article, they looked just like humans. I don't think other animals would have resembled people so much. I can’t imagine a lizard walking on top of the iPad and beating Angry Birds. The apes' intelligence was especially clear when they were playing the colouring app where you just draw with your finger. The most surprising thing about the article was that the apes find the apps amusing just like humans, especially the camera app and the drum app. Trish Khan says the Orangutans like the free apps, but if they’re anything like humans, they would like the expensive apps even more. 

Baby ape playing the iPad

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Should Parents Accompany their Teenagers??

I think the rule that parents need to accompany their teenagers at NorthPark mall at 6:00pm is not fair. If they can't go to the mall where will they go? They will go trash some place else. Teenagers from Dallas will not go to the mall anymore because they will be afraid that their parents will embarrass them. Also, their parents will probably not even be able to get off work to come with them. Most importantly, the storeowners would lose money because there would be less teen customers. This is why I don’t think parents should have to accompany their teenagers after 6:00pm in NorthPark mall.

Teenagers Shopping at NorthPark mall